The Summer Exploration

The Summer Exploration exhibit by maison KEEPS explores apparel craftsmanship, inviting delicate textures, materials, and patterns into the summer wardrobe.


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maison x Mustard

[Limited Edition] ‘Les Petits Plaisirs’ ⬜ A special collaboration between maison KEEPS and Mustard Sneakers, dedicated to make every day a little more extraordinary by celebrating the small pleasures in life through the appreciation of beauty and understated details.


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Le Rouge

Uncover the new essential hues. Dive into the deeper, bolder reds that speak to passionate souls. LE ROUGE, curated by maison KEEPS.


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maison de famille

Welcome to ‘maison de famille,’ a place full of joy that embraces every definition of ‘family.’ Each and every family is different, and we celebrate them all with love through these pieces.

Introducing maison KEEPS Kids, where we reimagine the new kidswear dimension, – a realm where style dances hand in hand with practicality in mini sizes. Crafted with the little ones in mind, these pieces are designed to grow with them, embracing their journey with stretchy knit fabric and an oversized embrace. Embark on this adventure with our best-selling items, now available in sizes as small as they are but as big as their dreams.

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Awaken from the Midnight dream, where vision transforms into reality. Uncover one's identity through these elevated essentials curated by KEEPS.


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KEEPS’ 6th Birthday Celebration with Mo Monchanok

KEEPS’ 6th Birthday Celebration with Mo Monchanok

As KEEPS celebrates its 6th anniversary, we want to express our deep gratitude for the incredible support you’ve given us on this extraordinary journey. To commemorate this special occasion together, we have exciting surprises for you!

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The 'Midnight' collection by KEEPS captures the very essence of the night, transforming basic closet staples into a realm of limitless possibilities. Inspired by the bold darkness of the sky and the gentle touch of the night air, this collection harmonizes a blend of confidence and comfort.

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Golden Hour

As a continuing chapter from our previous launch 'Summer Somewhere' collection, this new collection is inspired by the magic moment at the golden hour that one has met along their summer journey.

The collection features a color palette inspired by the golden hour sky, ranging from various shades of blue, yellow, and brown. Our hero item, denim jeans with chain detail, highlights the gold material that ties this collection together.

KEEPS’ philosophy to create wearable empowerment is the core to every pieces that we have designed. Our product emphasizes casual silhouette and fabric, such as knitwear and jeans, that can become essential pieces in your wardrobe.

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Summer Somewhere

Dreaming of summer, a crisp white beach next to the deep blue ocean, or a quiet stroll in a small hillside town. No matter where your heart’s calling is, our carefully-crafted “Summer Somewhere” collection is perfect for any destination.

Summer Somewhere began with the vision to create versatile summer essentials. Our signature quality knitwear features a summer-appropriate colorway. We also bring you 2000s-inspired details with modern KEEPS twists.

Summer Somewhere, KEEPS Anywhere.

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Skyline. / (ˈskaɪˌlaɪn)
Let us escort you to wherever you want to be.
Taking off from the ground to reach that skyline.
Keeping a promise that we will never let you drown.


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Showroom Collection

Without Confinement Barriers .. come on.. let's get in.

- WELCOME TO THE SHOWROOM - Maison de la passion

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Denim Series

Jeans are like the sky, it speaks in a thousand colors with hundred shades. A deep light blue sky, brighter than the other. Or a deep dark blue sky, darker than the other. Just like our 'Denim' with various colors and shades, every piece is unique yet alluring like the sky.


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