Wearable Empowerment: Everything we love about women enjoying being women

Mar 1, 2020

There’s no denying that women have become a real player in a number of career fields that allows them not only to confirm gender equality but to freely express and speak for themselves through their ways of dressing. The idea of power dressing is however no stranger to any working women in this 21st century since the dependence of pinstripes or shoulder-pads has long gained a strong foothold in communicating confidence and celebrating women’s success.

But if there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to choosing what would best empower women from outside in, what are any other possible ways to achieve the desired result aside from the likes of the va-va-voom waist training or a flashy outfit to work?

Having questioned what working women really need in their everyday wardrobe routine, KEEPS brings to the table the idea that decent workwear should both empower women’s body confidence through their design and be functionally versatile enough to be able to let them venture through their day of diverse activities without the worry of needing to change. When talking about female empowerment, KEEPS philosophy always emphasizes that empowerment in their book always means confidence in design that could perfectly reflect and give women the strength of comfort.

To put that in perspective, not only does KEEPS explore the realm of ready-to-wear pieces but sartorial design is also available to give wide breadth to a vision that workwear fashion can offer the opportunity to paint different faces on individual’s empowerment. Timelessness is highlighted in every piece of design as well as a marriage of the fashionable and the functional to engage women with the experience of urbanized working environment where working no longer refers only to sitting inside a cubicle. A mix of no fuss utility with a good amount of design repertoire creates creative integrity that allows any wearer to indulge themselves with elegance and confidence born of experience in tailoring and expertise in design that KEEPS always pushes boundaries towards the ingrained perception of traditional workwear.

Wearable Empowerment

If we were allowed to define the meaning of workwear, freedom would tick all the boxes because we believe clothes can be a wonderful instrument for defying the norm and igniting the new. At the end of the day, what truly empowers women will depend upon each individual. But one thing for sure: the empowered woman will always stand up and speak for herself—with a little help from her clothes.


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